Things to Avoid When Buying a Condo

Among all of the amazing new apartments in Stoney Creek, ON, you’ve found the perfect one for you. Great! That does not mean you should rush into buying the condo, though. Just because a condo looks like the perfect fit for you does not mean that it actually is. As the phrase goes you need to, ‘do your homework,’ and be a bit of a, ‘self-sleuth,’ and dig into what’s actually happening at the condo of interest. The good news is you can do this by acquiring the appropriate documents and reading important details about how the property is managed. Below are a few steps that the folks at King’s Park believe you should take as you narrow down the options on your search.

Not considering the location

If you think finding new apartments in Stoney Creek, ON is as simple as going to an open house and committing to the first one that looks and feels appealing you are sadly mistaken. Failing to consider the location of the property is one of the biggest fouls new homeowners make. You have to know that once you exit your home’s building and step onto the sidewalk to greet the morning that you are walking through a neighbourhood that are proud to call, ‘home.’ Loving where you live is just as important as loving the unit you live in!

Not reading the bylaws

New homeowners that think the bylaws don’t apply to them should rethink their strategy immediately. Purchasing a new apartment in Stoney Creek without considering the rules of the board of directors is one of the biggest mistakes any prospective buyer could make. It’s the best way to figure out whether or not the community is worth living in and will be a good fit for you. You need to also read the bylaws because breaking any rules could result in a seriously high fine or eviction. Nobody wants to be evicted out of their home just because they broke a few rules they couldn’t bother to read before buying the home: if you don’t bother to read the bylaws, this could be you.

Choosing the first condo that looks reasonable

Some people love the thrill of looking for a new home; others want to get the search over with as quickly as possible. If you are the former, you may want to purchase the first new apartments in Stoney Creek, ON that look like a good fit for you. Don’t do this! Buying a home is one of the most important decisions of your life and rushing through the process is only going to result in disaster. Before you sign anything, know if it’s the right buy!

Not getting a pre-purchase inspection

If the search for new apartments in Stoney Creek has finally come to an end and you are ready to sign on the proverbial dotted line, be sure to get a pre-purchase inspection first. Sure, it costs a

few hundred dollars but this is a small drop in the bucket compared to what you will be spending. So too is it a small drop in the bucket consider the mistake you could be making without first getting it properly inspected.

A professional that specializes in inspecting new apartments should conduct the inspection. They will reveal any problems related to the property such as safety problems, maintenance and construction issues, and so on. Be sure the inspector also inspects the public common areas such as well. Since you are paying for the maintenance of these areas via condo fees, you have to know that they are properly being taken care of as well!

Not getting a status certificate

Yes, a status certificate will also cost you some money (about one-hundred dollars) but it gives you details about how the new apartments in Stoney Creek, ON are managed and whether there are any legal actions being taken against the developer. The status certificate will also have minutes of the condo board’s meetings as well. It is here that you can learn about any issues owners have about the property and how it is being managed. You will also be able to see patterns of neglect and problems that haven’t been resolved. It’s a good way to indicate how a property is managed and how they treat their residents and the perfect way to tell if buying that new apartment is a good idea or if it could be one of the biggest mistakes of your life.