Things Every Aspiring Condo Owner Should Know

Finally closing on an amazing Stoney Creek condo for sale is a feeling that’s truly unmatched. It’s a prideful thing to finally know that you’re not only a homeowner but living in a location that’s desirable and apt for growth. If you find yourself dreaming at night about closing on your own condo keep in mind that there are things you should know before you sign on the dotted line. At King’s park, we want you to be fully prepared before you start the process toward condo ownership. Below are a few things we believe every condo owner needs to know before taking the proverbial plunge.

Stoney Creek Condo for Sale

Location is one of the most important factors

As you look around for Stoney Creek condos for sale, don’t become obsessed with the price. Certainly, the price of the condo and monthly mortgage are important. However, never sacrifice price for a prime location. Not only will it be easier to sell your condo if you decide to move, you can take advantage of the many locales in the neighbourhood. It should also be easy to leave your condo and walk to anywhere you want to go in the neighbourhood. Use the condo’s address to check its walkability score to get an idea as to how convenient it is to walk from point A to point B.

Consider your current daily commute

A good location is also important due to your daily commute. If you are changing jobs to move to a Stoney Creek condo this isn’t a huge deal. For those keeping their current job after the move, you have to know how this will affect your commute. Before committing to buying a condo in the neighbourhood, do a mock commute to see how long and far your commute will actually be. Consider other options such as public transportation to ease the commute.

Stoney Creek Condo for Sale

Fewer amenities do not equal lower condo fees

Rather, judge the cost of your amenities by the amount of people living in the building. Even in a larger Stoney Creek condo for sale with lots of amenities, the condo fees are equally spread among the tenants. Because these buildings are bigger and have more tenants, the condo fees won’t be much more expensive than smaller condos (they may actually be cheaper). Purchase a status certificate to get a better idea what condo fees will cost you.

How much space do you need for each room?

Don’t merely judge a condo based on the square footage of the unit. Instead, look at floor plans and learn what square footage of each room. Only you know what you want in a home and which rooms are more important to you. Love to cook but don’t necessarily care about bathroom space? Choose a Stoney Creek condo for sale with appropriate measurements so you have enough room to take advantage of the things you love to do the most. You wouldn’t want to live in a home that doesn’t feel like it fits you, so don’t choose a floor plan that does the same.

Researching the neighbourhood is key

Going back to the neighbourhood for a moment, ask yourself if the neighbourhood has everything that you need. Condo living is a lifestyle rather than just a place to call home. Thus, you want to live in a neighbourhood that not only feels comfortable and inviting to you but also have the amenities and types of locations you frequent. Being happy with your neighbourhood means you’ll be happy with your home.

Does the building have a good reputation?

Nothing ruins the condo experience more than a mismanaged building. This brings us to another advantage of buying a status certificate: learning about the reputation of the building. Not only will this give you access to any legal problems the building is facing you can also read the minutes of monthly condo board meetings. If tenants have grievances at any Stoney Creek condos for sale, you’re going to know about it. It’s an invaluable document that truly sheds light on the reality of a condo building. Buy a status certificate, and take advantage of one of the best tools you can use to ensure you’re choosing the right place to call home.