Searching for New Apartments in Hamilton? Consider King’s Park

When you think of the best, affordable neighbourhoods worth living in, you should be thinking Hamilton; when considering a new apartment specifically with you in mind, choose King’s Park. A new apartment building built for those that want to live in a thriving, unique neighbourhood while having the best amenities of a city with a small town feel, this up-and-coming community invites you to be a part of us. Registrations are now open, and once you visit us? We know you’re going to be excited to make King’s Park your next home!


Forward-thinking design

What does the coming decade look like? While no one truly knows, we think it’s going to look like the forward-thinking design you’re going to find at King’s Park. Inspired by the latest architectural trends found in urban mid-rises, King’s Park features floor-to-ceiling glass and black trim to create a compelling look that looks smoother than an iPhone bezel. Optimized for natural light to compliment The Green Wall – a living, breathing wall of greenery – which further compliments the parks and nature that Hamilton residents have come to love. Forward-thinking design begins with thinking about how our building will impact our community’s environment.

A neighbourhood with you in mind

King’s Park doesn’t exist just to show off our immaculate architectural design – rather, we have your best interest in mind. Our new apartments in Hamilton are here to make life easier than ever to manage. Conveniently located among some of Hamilton’s top shops, restaurants, and businesses to make life simple, you’re just a quick walk to the best amenities.

Amenities worth falling in love with

Speaking of amenities, you’re not going to just find them in the neighbourhood – you’re going to also find them in King’s Park! Our building features a gym, sporting equipment that allows you to exercise on your terms and own routine along with an underground parking facility that makes parking and walking to your unit easy and convenient. Moreover, we also provide party rooms and outdoor communal areas that allow you to entertain your guests in style. Life is just better here when you’re living like a king – reach out and learn for yourself!

Variety of 1-2 bedroom floorplans

Imagine the perfect one-to-two bedroom floorplan. What does it look like to you? Perhaps it has a larger dining room and living area; it could have a larger master bedroom but a smaller outdoor terrace. Perhaps you prefer a larger kitchen to cook for your guests, but prefer to sacrifice bedroom space. Whatever your preference may be, King’s Park has the perfect one-to-two bedroom floorplans for you. Ranging from the mid-$200’s, you’re going to find a unit perfectly suitable to how you live your life.

The Green Wall

We’ve already mentioned The Green Wall, but it begs repeating once again. The Green Wall is making a statement: that you can have cutting edge architectural design while preserving the natural beauty of nature. The Green Wall is destined to be the signature of not only King’s Park, but also Hamilton at large. A perfect extension to the parks of the neighbourhood, it’s a natural wonder we know you’re going to look at in amazement.


It’s the next place to call home…

Home isn’t just a place where you store your belongings – it’s a place where your heart is. Finding such a home is difficult and doesn’t happen often, but we know that with one look at King’s Park you are going to know that you’ve found the perfect place to live – in other words, you’re going to know that you’ve found home. From a neighbourhood that’s warm and wants you to be a part of them to neighbours in our new apartments that you’re going to get acquainted with, you’re going to grow close to this neck of the woods.

With amenities that will make life easier than ever to manage to sizeable floorplans that will allow you to live comfortably at a price that won’t break the bank, you’ve found home: King’s Park. Reach out to our team to learn more about what all the fuss is about, and secure your own piece of the proverbial King’s Park pie today!