King’s Park Offers the Ultimate One Bedroom Apartment in Stoney Creek

What if you could find a developer that had your best interest in mind? Mind you, not one that uses that kind of language as marketing talking points but truly had you in their mind during the design? Such is the case with LJM Development’s latest endeavor: King’s Park. No matter where life has taken you or where you’re going, you need a place to stay in the middle of it all: thankfully, King’s Park one-bedroom apartments check all the boxes. Perfect for working professionals, newlyweds, and even senior citizens looking to downsize and make a life change, LJM Developments has the perfect one bedroom apartment just for you. Before you register, take a look at what we have to offer.



This one bedroom apartment is approximately 666-sq. ft. with a 52-sq. ft. balcony. Featuring an open living room and dining/kitchen space complete with an open space between the bathroom and washer/dryer, the openness and simplicity of Bentley makes it one our most popular floor plans. Want to admire the view from King’s Park? Walk outside onto the balcony from your master bedroom and bask in the neighbourhood you’ve called home.


Brighton A

While a little smaller than the Bentley at 628-sq. ft., the Brighton A features a 171-sq. ft. terrace – perfect for the homeowner that doesn’t need a ton of space but still wants to be able to entertain outside with an amazing view. This floorplan is cozier in that the living room and dining/kitchen area are closer together. The bathroom is also strategically placed in close proximity to the bedroom and living room/dining room area.

Brighton B

For the homeowner that wants to sacrifice size for spaciousness, Brighton B is a suitable choice. At 606-sq. ft. with a 171-sq. ft. terrace, the difference in this home is that the layout is flipped: whereas you walk into the home from the right size of the walkway, in Brighton B you walk into the home from the left. The master bedroom and dining/kitchen area are somewhat smaller than Brighton B, but with enough room to entertain friends and family alike.

Brighton C

When you need a little more room than either Brighton units yet you want your guests to view the terrace the moment they walk into your home, this one bedroom apartment is for you. At approximately 641-sq. ft. with a 174-sq. ft. terrace, this unit allows you to walk directly into the home and see both the dining/kitchen area and the living room – perfect for making a grand entrance. It’s also a grand floor plan for entertaining!


Prefer a den? Then consider our Claremont floor plan. At approximately 676-sq. ft. with a 11’2×6’7 den, it’s a swell choice for those that wish to have a space for a home office or just to relax in the evening. This unit also sports a 52-sq. ft. balcony as well, so you don’t have to sacrifice a good view for a private space.



Combining the dining/kitchen space and living room space, the Kensington allows more than enough room to relax in the evening. At 532-sq. ft. with a 69-sq. ft. balcony, this floor plan features a spacious master bedroom along with more than enough room to entertain friends and family alike. If you love cozy living quarters, Kensington is a good pick.


This unit also combines the dining and living room spaces into one area but creates such a large space you may find other uses for it. At 642-sq. ft. the dining and living room is connected to a 132-sq. ft. terrace that’s once again perfect for entertaining guests. Conveniently placed is the bathroom next to the living room, meaning your guests never have to look far when they need their privacy.


With a dining/kitchen area directly next to the living room, this 584-sq. ft. one bedroom apartment features a 49-sq. ft. balcony that’s easily accessible by your guests. This unit is laid out in such a way that the balcony is very inviting, so go outside and enjoy the view. For those that don’t want a floor plan that exceeds 600-sq. ft. but still a unit that’s suitable for entertaining, Lennox is a top choice.


Need a one bedroom apartment that’s a little larger than most? Consider our Manchester floor plan: a 739-sq. ft. unit with a 54-sq. ft. balcony. With a space solely devoted to the kitchen, this floor plan combines living and dining room spaces that once again proves that King’s Park one bedroom apartments are ideal for having guests over. This unit also features a walk-in closet in the master bedroom.



For those that always visit the kitchen first before going to the living room, this 596-sq. ft. unit is the choice for you. With a dining/kitchen combo next to the living room, everything is within walking distance of your bedroom and the balcony. The bathroom is also located near the entrance of the home away from guests to give you additional privacy.


You won’t be a grumpy Sheriff of Nottingham in this unit! This 581- sq. ft. unit features an 85-sq. ft. terrace that invites your guests to walk out and have a look. Like the Newcastle floor plan, Nottingham features a bathroom at the entrance to the home for privacy. As you walk further, you will walk through the dining/kitchen space and into the living room straight across from the master bedroom: no wasted space or movement, just a thoughtfully laid out floor plan with you in mind.


Make a great entrance in our Remington floor plan! With a stretching hallway from the entrance into the dining/kitchen/living room area, this spacious 636-sq. ft. unit also features a 40-sq. ft. balcony that’s strategically placed where you will want to eat outside during the warm months. This unit also features a walk-in closet in the master bedroom.

Winston A

It may be the smallest one bedroom apartment in this list, but don’t let the size fool you. Winston A is a floor plan that dares to make the most of its space. You won’t find any wasted space here: fitting in an 8’6x 11’4 master bedroom with a 9’3×13’8 living/dining room space and even a 5’9×14’2 kitchen into a 473-sq. ft. unit, there’s more than enough room for the working professional. Plus, LJM Developments has even squeezed in a 53- sq. ft. balcony – now how impressive is that?

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