How to Maximize Your Condo Living Space

It’s always a good idea to squeeze that, ‘little extra,’ out and make the most of your home’s spaces; when it comes to a Stoney Creek 1-bedrom apartment. Making the most of your spaces is essential to living comfortably and getting the most value out of your home. Get ready to make the most out of your condo’s living space by following these tips below!

spacious condo
Keep your apartment looking spacious

Integrate furniture that folds/ is multi-purpose

It helps if it is the perfect time to replace your furniture. If so, purchase the proper furniture that’s going to help you to maximize your condo’s living space. Be sure to purchase furniture that only folds and is multi-purpose. For example, consider buying a coffee table that features extra internal storage and a couch that also folds into the sleeping position to give you an extra bed when you have guests over. Extra items such as drum tables work great as end tables but double as a place to storage blankets and other miscellaneous items you need in the living room. Get creative with how you can use your furniture and have fun!

Organize vertically (and stay organized!)

Have a lot of unused space on your walls? It’s the perfect excuse you need to organize vertically. Begin by simply hanging shelves on the walls to start getting items off the floor. It’s another chance to get creative: what can you do to free up items on your floor in your Stoney Creek 1-bedroom apartment?

One way is to hang your lighting on the walls rather than allow them to stand on the floor. Also consider integrating an entire bookshelf into a wall and doing away with the floor bookshelf altogether (which can save you some serious space). A good rule to follow is this: if it can be stored on a wall rather than the floor, opt to do that!

Keep your condo clean!

You may not think that keeping your Stoney Creek 1-bedrom apartment clean can make that much of a difference but you would be surprised! The smaller the space you are living in, the faster it can get dirty; the faster it gets dirty, the quicker it looks cluttered. Make it a habit to pick up non-essentials around your home every day and store them in their rightful place. Have a place for everything, too. Don’t be content with shuffling different items around and lying them, ‘here and there,’ around the home. Have a proper place for everything to successfully defend your home against clutter!

clean condo
Keep your apartment tidy

Use mirror to give the illusion of space

Mirrors are amazing inventions. No, not because they reflect images (though that too is impressive) but because they add serious depth to any room. Try it next time in your Stoney Creek 1-bedroom apartment. Find a focal point in a room and reflect natural and artificial light to that place to make not only make the room feel brighter but to also give it extra depth. This actually makes the room feels larger than it truly is – an amazing illusion that’s only possible with the magic of mirrors and light. When you need to give a room extra depth and to appear bigger, give it a shot: you’ll be truly amazed!

Integrate natural lighting when possible

Speaking of natural lighting, always take the opportunity to integrate natural lighting into your home’s spaces. If a room in your Stoney Creek 1-bedoom apartment feels dark and grungy, keep the window open to allow sunlight to always pour in. For spaces that do not have natural lighting, hang a light on the wall and use that to allow extra lighting to flow in. Reflect light across two mirrors in a room also helps to give a room a little more light and appear bigger.

Only core furniture pieces

You may want to add a ton of furniture pieces to your new Stoney Creek 1-bedroom apartment but do not get carried away just yet! For those that live in a smaller space, it’s a good idea to only integrate the core furniture pieces you know you will need. Although you may be tempted to add that large armoire your parents are always trying to get you to add to your home, it may be better use of space to add extra seating instead. Think about the essentials each room needs and focus your attention on meeting those needs with as few steps as possible.